The Young Man’s Guide to Looking Smart

 Despite so much awareness about fashion trends among the young, there are still a lot of young men who are commencing their professional lives without the faintest clue about how they should be dressed. No one can deny that being society’s leaders of tomorrow, it vital that young men should look their professional best to create the right impression with whoever they come in touch with. Good grooming gives the young man a little but significant advantage to present his case, and in an intensely competitive environment that can count for a lot. Some valuable tips on getting your fashion sense right:

Footwear Counts

More than what is given credit for, smart footwear creates a great first impression with people. You should make it a point to go out and buy the best pair of shoes that you can afford. While the prices of well-crafted shoes can astonish you, consider the purchase a great investment that will pay really rich dividends. Ensure that the pair you choose is styled classically, is conservative color-wise, and above all comfortable. Remember, a well-made pair will last for years, and requires no more maintenance than cleaning and polishing. Treat it as a necessity and not as a luxury.

Dress to Appear Older

The manner in which you dress up influences to a great degree the way you are perceived by others. If you happen to be wearing the same sort of clothes that you had worn to college, you really cannot blame others for treating you like a kid with no practical experience. The only way to get around this is to look a little more mature and that means getting rid of your wardrobe of T-shirts, denim shorts, cargo pants, baseball caps, sweatshirts, etc. Donate everything to a deserving charity after keeping aside just a few for exercising and doing the dirty stuff, and replace them with clothes that will attest to your maturity.

Ignore Fashion Trends

When you are young and trying to make your career as fast as possible, it is very unlikely that you will have a budget that will be able to accommodate all the trending fashion apparel and give your entire wardrobe a fresh look every two or three months. It is best that you stick to classic lines of clothing because you know that they will endure and not look out of place in a professional environment. Being averse to flashy stuff is also good when it comes to accessories.If you are married and like to wear a wedding ring opt for something that’s conservative from the large assortment available at Men’s Wedding

Ensure Your Wardrobe Has At Least One Good Suit

Irrespective of what your job profile is, keep in mind that you need to wear a suit at least once in a while. Make sure that the one you pick is a classically styled single-breast two-button in navy blue or charcoal gray. You should have it tailored for a good fit but if are buying one off the rack, and then make sure that it is adjusted to your size. Ask the store if they provide such a service but usually, you will need to visit a tailor. There are also many job profiles that require you to wear suits very frequently; this calls for you to choose the fabrics and colors with a great deal of care so that you are never out of place anywhere.


When going out in the real world for the first time in a professional capacity, you need to shed the casual clothes that you had been wearing for so long. Dress conservatively and pay attention to details like shoes and even wedding bands so that you are taken seriously by those interacting with you.

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