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Ultracide Professional Flea Control Review

This is an exceptionally valuable flea fogger. It arranges for instant kill of full-grown fleas. This flea control also inhibits development of new grown-ups from eggs otherwise larvae. It became dry rapidly and able to eradicate flea troubles for around seven months.

The Ultracide expert flea control fogger is advanced particularly for indoor flea management. This is an extremely applicable. This comprises three effective elements–Phenothrin, Permethrin, and Pyripoxyfen. Phenothrin also Permethrin are active chemical in eradicating fully-grown fleas.  Pyripoxyfen is an insect growth regulator (IGR); it exterminates the larvae.

This is how it inhibits re-infestation. Ultracide deals with inside fleas for about seven months. This best flea fogger is as good as other popular sprays considering excellence. Other rivals of Ultracide comprise alike active components also within comparable concentrations.

The chief variance among them is their charge. This excellent flea control product is presented in a ready-to-use 20 ounce spray container.

Instructions of Usage

Use up this best flea control within this concentration of 20 ounce spray for up to 2,625 square feet area. Floor carpet needs to be vacuumed earlier and afterwards treatment. Employ it at the infested places or else possible infected areas; these take account of mats, carpets, furnished furniture, pet bedding and toys as well as pet sleeping places.

Grip the container by arm’s length then spray direct in the direction of the place to be gone into. Get through a sweeping action in order to utilize it then move away from take care of place while grasping the container 36″ far from the treated exterior. This spray is able to treat 80 – 100 sq. ft. area within about 10 seconds.

Cover up fish tanks or fish bowls. Take away birds from the treatment place before started spraying. Taken care of areas, needs to be emptied all through treatment process. Never allow humans (excluding the applicator) or else pets to get in touch with treated exteriors up to the spray getting dried. Under no circumstances treat your pets using this spray.

This product deals fleas as well as ticks through merging three active substances in a single approach


  • This can eradicates flea difficulties for up to seven months
  • It dries rapidly
  • This is extremely steady in UV light


  • Stops flea re-invasion for around seven months
  • Able to treat 2,625 square feet passable area
  • Never causes any objectionable odor otherwise leaves any oily remainder


  • It contains toxic compounds – while this is breathe in or captivated by skin health hazards may result in.

Customer Review:
Users of this product loved it very much and highly recommended this flea fogger.

One customer mentioned that she applied this flea control in order to get her house rid of fleas. She faced a very bad flea infestation. According to her this spray is very effective. It efficiently managed insect invasion.

This spray didn’t leave any bad odor or any chemical residue. She suggested applying this spray below your sofas since this can destroy everything it comes in contact with.

Another user said that this flea control product is very effective. However, you yet require vacuuming at best every other day, clean up bedding entirely, as well as treating all pets. He appreciated this flea management product very much.

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