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Medical Clothings

How to personalize MEDICAL CLOTHES?

Choosing clothing, we are not stuck with one model and the most mediocre color. Clothes for surgery is not just a white coat and clogs. Although hospital requirements we have control over our clothes – we can give it a personal touch and thus feel it more convenient and attractive. How? Check out our 5 ideas!

To Choose The Color

Medical clothes come in various material which is sewn clothes Medical, full of functionality not just aesthetics. It can also externalize the character or profession of the person concerned. For example – blue symbolizes peace and inspires confidence, so it is often chosen by doctors. Green is the color of hope and harmony. It stresses the link with nature, and therefore ideal for SPA salons. Violet has a slightly different symbolism – the responsibility, mystery, intuition. We are happy to be elected by beautician. Colors to choose from is much more. It is worth remembering that this is, on what you choose, can affect the first impression, the impact on just learned person.

Model Tailored to Your Needs

Clothes for surgery can be sewn on medical they have different sizes. This does not mean, however, that the cut if the model fit’s everyone. Appropriate adjustment of the length of trousers and shirt sleeves for comfort while working. But it’s not just about matching outfit to the body. Tailor also allows the application of practical solutions that simplify daily operations. You feel like without a phone without a hand, and you have nowhere to hide it? Or maybe the keys pressed into the side pocket of ever hurting in the thigh and destroy stuff? Ask for extra pocket at the most convenient place for you. Make sure that the clothes were best suited to your needs.

Let The Needle Goes In Motion

The color and size is not everything. Clothes for surgery can also personalize them special subtitles, which indicate the name of the employee and the company. There is hardly a more tailored to an individual product. Seeing embroidered in a designated area on the garment name or logo, it is easier to remember a representative of the company and identify it with a particular brand. Decision to include patches is not only a tribute to the employee, but also a step forward in terms of image building.

Medical Cap Does Not Necessarily White

Care for topper is a sign of attention to detail, and by the way – even fashionable solution. Caps with an interesting pattern or color brighten the entire face, giving her warmth and expression. It is also further proof that you can look custom and attractive, without breaking the hospital recommendations.

Stylish and Comfortable

Medical clothes – play an important role comfortable woman knows that mismatched shoes can spoil even the perfect outfit. This rule does not apply, however, only to sex. A properly fitting and comfortable shoes should care as men. Currently, selection of styles and colors are so rich that everyone can find something for themselves. Let footwear rather than spoil, completes our outfit!

Clothes for Surgery, Which Wants to Walk

There are many ways to make ordinary clothes give a unique character – you can choose the color, sew embroidery and additional elements, choose a hat and matching boots. With properly connected to detail, such as color, cut and additives, effective control over their dress, even medical, is possible.

If you are looking for more inspiration in terms of dress, check out our article titled 7 best-dressed doctors in the movies. If on the other hand had his own ideas for creating customized dress, does not hide this – share with us your thoughts in the comments!