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Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

If you plan on trying your hands on heavy duty sewing, buying the right kind of machine is definitely important. There are many different types of heavy duty sewing machines and you will need to compare them with each other in order to identify the right one.  You can read a number of heavy duty sewing machine reviews and see what other users have to say based on their experience. In addition to this, you can use these tips to help you find the right machine for your work: –

How to choose the right machine for heavy duty work

Before we delve into the things you need to consider, it is worth to note that not all machines labeled heavy duty are really suitable for heavy tasks. You will find sewing machines labeled HD or heavy duty but always look at the following to establish where they are suitable for heavier projects.

Machine Weight

The weight of a sewing machine can tell you whether it’s appropriate for heavy duty projects. Basically, HD sewing machines will weigh 10 pounds and above with most of them weigh approximately 20 pounds. This helps them stay stable when moving the fabric as you work on your projects. The weight of the machine helps it sit steadily on the surface or table. If you are buying a sewing machine for heavy duty projects, make sure it has a shipping weight of approximately 20 pounds.

Does it have a table or long arm?

The long arm or sewing table simply helps protect you from unnecessary fatigue when doing your work. Considering that you’ll be dealing with heavy fabrics and holding them for long periods, it is important to have the sewing table or long arm so that the fabric can lay flat on it. Machines supplied with tables help you avoid makeshift platforms which in return guarantee perfection when sewing. Whether you are dealing with curtains, denim, upholstery or even leather, try looking for a sewing machine that has a long arm or accompanying table.

Motor power

Assuming you will need to sew a huge project at any given time, the number of stitches you get from a sewing machine is very important. Looking at sewing machine reviews, you will discover that many users are disappointed when they buy a machine that meets a number of criteria but fails when it comes to motor power. Always look for a sewing machine with a high-speed motor capable of 1000 stitches/minute.

Presser foot options

Buying a sewing machine that has an adjustable presser foot is a real advantage. The presser foot should at least allow fabrics of one-quarter inch minimum and be able to function well. The inclusion of the adjustable presser foot allows for various adjustable lengths and you can also get a sewing machine that has different foot styles that handles different projects.

Stitch settings

Different stitch settings allow your sewing machine to handle denser or thicker fabrics. When dealing with tougher or thicker materials, you will need a machine that has longer stitches as these work better and more efficiently for your projects. Always look for a sewing machine that offers three stitch length choices or more.

As you look at sewing machine reviews, you will discover that the issue of warranty also counts when it comes to the selection. Look for a machine that can handle pressure and serve you for many years. The price range is also an important feature to consider but as a matter of importance, never select a machine simply because it’s cheap.