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Stihl MS261 C M Overview

Best Stihl MS261 C M Overview

A better today we have my brand new fuel in this MS261- and when I say my brand new I mean take me. We might call awesome brand new but it’s especially if you’re with my co-workers reading this anyway this is really besides the 241 this is the first proline saw grounds all rather from stihl this is a 50-point to CC runs for horse weighs 10 pounds on the powerhead gives us a power ratio of point three seven horsepower per pound.

Definitely a very powerful software its size this is pretty much my favorite sound. I love these things you’re gonna be out of the woods cut firewood or just doing living small bucking anything like that. Wait really comes into play and this best chainsaws is lighter than the MS 291 and more powerful than the US291.

It is a proline so it’s the magnesium frame side cover more durable higher compression for more power saw and it is phenomenal it is the track system so this does have a microprocessor on there.  You’re not familiar with it what that does is it takes the fuel quality the air temperature the engine temperature the altitude, So the barometric pressure factors those into an equation and adjust the carburetor as needed to run optimally at all settings.

I’m not taking apart one of these carburetors to clean them out I’m sure that something I’ll be doing in the future it’s something. I do way too often these days so it would be good to view if you’re running an intronic or an auto tune for the husqvarna or anything like that come wintertime or any type of long storage. Put up a free in it run the other all free through it before you have. That way you won’t be an issue you have gotten just ridiculously good at cleaning up carburetors but with these ones gonna be more of a headache.

So take the extra effort just to make sure you don’t have to do that not looking forward to it anyway this thing is just great if you’re living a small bucking real lightweight and powerful for its size it’s great it’s going to be using it all day not gonna wear you out he’s got a great and I’ve system on here.

I think I’ll take a 16, 18 or 20 inch bar came with an 18 don’t really have any need the moment to put a bigger one on there. You know I need something bigger always grab a bigger saw but it would let’s take a closer look at it if you’ve never run in track system before. The biggest difference is you’ll see in their master control over this is only a three way switch is supposed to their normal way.

All right it’s normally and run this middle setting and will bounce right back down to run. Then down one setting so to get there you have to hold the throttle go down to start release. The throttle and it will stay there anytime you’re starting that’s where it’s going to be easiest to start. If it’s a cold start let it run in this setting for a minute and warm up before tapping the throttle and going up to run. That’s going to be the best way to get it to warm up if you were started up. Immediately just flip it to a run will probably do different on these ones. The cover screws are actually just quarter turn I’ll be taking those off in a minute.

There’s three quarter turn help and pops off this to decompression valve. I find it a bit unnecessary on us all this size is pretty too. This is a huge saw probably bit unnecessary could have done away with that. If you’re a point where you need a decompression valve to start. This thing probably just shouldn’t be using a chainsaw get somebody else to do that work for you.

All right it has a great anti-vibration system you will see how much play we have there so your hands don’t go anywhere near. There’s a fast as a one with a lesser system on there is a magnesium side cover the bar nuts on this. So when you can throw these they stay attached to the side cover so you’re not gonna be losing them.

So if you’re not familiar with it take your time to familiarize yourself with your gonna take one apart it is not the same as you can see we’ve got to the pro-style cylinder jug the homeowner and farm and ranch actually the jug is bolted on from underneath these ones are bolted from above you can see the holes here and there’s two more under here the you can actually remove the jug from taking the screws out to pull off the crankcase which is also the frame and I see decompression about their the AV system definitely if you are familiar with the homeowner former ranch or even the other pros it’s a much a better AV system you get a lot more play a lot less vibes and that’s a really about it not much else to say about best sthil chainsaw. I actually get some cutting with yesterday. I’ll supply sat in here in a moment and show it to you all right here we are with the MS – 61 @ c dash M button yeah quite big.

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