Easy Eye Pencil Tips for the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Who doesn’t love a flawless winged eyeliner before going out? Achieving the perfect liner might not be your cup of tea, but you can surely learn some tricks to enhance your skills. As hard as it sounds, you never know how professional you can seem with just a flick in the right direction.

The reason why we want to promote winged eyeliners with the use of pencils is because practicing it is easier, of course if you are not using a gel liner, and it is easy to draw a wing with it, if you are a beginner.  Take your liner game to the next level with these easy eyeliner tricks:

Go in With a Dash:

According to the renowned makeup artists, start off your liner with a dash, or maybe a dot, whatever you find easier. By drawing a dot or dash in the outer corner, you can trace it along the eyelash line till the inner corner of the eye. Now to even out the wing, you need to lift the outer corner of your brows and connect the line seamlessly to the line drawn on the upper side of your eyelash. Even if you make any mistake, take a Q tip and with just a dot of some lotion, remove the excess liner, or any other error that you might have made.

Stable Elbow:

The first reaction to the ‘stable elbow’ will probably be confusing until you find out how it helps. During liner or any other makeup application, you need to sit down and plant your surface onto a flat surface, so that you can balance your arm and focus minutely on your eye. You can hold the mirror with one hand or stand in front of one this way and then lift your brow to draw an impeccable wing.

The Messy Way:

Try the Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner by bareMinerals to sketch a precise line with its effective creamy formula. The messy way to create an angled wing is possible for beginners by drawing a messed up line on top of the lash line till the outer corner, where you want the wing. Then take a Q tip with a dab of concealer or foundation, to clear out the mess in a line, keeping in mind that the liner has to be aligned. This trick works well even if you are drawing a regular liner and make some errors.

Before you begin your liner practice, you should know that there are three kinds of pencils; gel, a basic pencil, and a liquid one. You have to choose one which you think will suit best for your eyes. Test some of the product on your hand before making a purchase, so that you know about its intensity and actual color. The Jane Iredale eye pencil is the best option for the beginners as it can be removed effortlessly without any hassle, and so you can use it during the learning phase.

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