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Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

If you plan on trying your hands on heavy duty sewing, buying the right kind of machine is definitely important. There are many different types of heavy duty sewing machines and you will need to compare them with each other in order to identify the right one.  You can read a number of heavy duty sewing machine reviews and see what other users have to say based on their experience. In addition to this, you can use these tips to help you find the right machine for your work: –

How to choose the right machine for heavy duty work

Before we delve into the things you need to consider, it is worth to note that not all machines labeled heavy duty are really suitable for heavy tasks. You will find sewing machines labeled HD or heavy duty but always look at the following to establish where they are suitable for heavier projects.

Machine Weight

The weight of a sewing machine can tell you whether it’s appropriate for heavy duty projects. Basically, HD sewing machines will weigh 10 pounds and above with most of them weigh approximately 20 pounds. This helps them stay stable when moving the fabric as you work on your projects. The weight of the machine helps it sit steadily on the surface or table. If you are buying a sewing machine for heavy duty projects, make sure it has a shipping weight of approximately 20 pounds.

Does it have a table or long arm?

The long arm or sewing table simply helps protect you from unnecessary fatigue when doing your work. Considering that you’ll be dealing with heavy fabrics and holding them for long periods, it is important to have the sewing table or long arm so that the fabric can lay flat on it. Machines supplied with tables help you avoid makeshift platforms which in return guarantee perfection when sewing. Whether you are dealing with curtains, denim, upholstery or even leather, try looking for a sewing machine that has a long arm or accompanying table.

Motor power

Assuming you will need to sew a huge project at any given time, the number of stitches you get from a sewing machine is very important. Looking at sewing machine reviews, you will discover that many users are disappointed when they buy a machine that meets a number of criteria but fails when it comes to motor power. Always look for a sewing machine with a high-speed motor capable of 1000 stitches/minute.

Presser foot options

Buying a sewing machine that has an adjustable presser foot is a real advantage. The presser foot should at least allow fabrics of one-quarter inch minimum and be able to function well. The inclusion of the adjustable presser foot allows for various adjustable lengths and you can also get a sewing machine that has different foot styles that handles different projects.

Stitch settings

Different stitch settings allow your sewing machine to handle denser or thicker fabrics. When dealing with tougher or thicker materials, you will need a machine that has longer stitches as these work better and more efficiently for your projects. Always look for a sewing machine that offers three stitch length choices or more.

As you look at sewing machine reviews, you will discover that the issue of warranty also counts when it comes to the selection. Look for a machine that can handle pressure and serve you for many years. The price range is also an important feature to consider but as a matter of importance, never select a machine simply because it’s cheap.

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10 Tips That One Should All Know to Look Thinner

If you did not know it yet, looking slimmer sometimes only holds a simple optical illusion ! So here are 10 fashion tips (and beauty) for a good winter in its sneakers.


For example, a short top combined with a pair of high waited pants and a pair of heels will lengthen your figure and make you lose a few pounds visually; Idem for the choice of your skirt . For a refined effect, it is preferred either maxi (it must brush the ground without walking on it), or just below the knee (it should in no case cut the calf)


A time regarded as antiquated (Thanks Jacques.C!), The marked size is today a shock to harmonize and boost the silhouette.

Besides extending the lower body , well chosen, it makes us terribly sexy by holding our waist and highlighting our hips. Version skirt or pants, you will be spoiled for choice!


For shape, for shoes  (whatever the height of heel) prefer the shoe as low-cut as possible. The more skin you show on your kick, the longer your legs will look; Of course this is only worth if you choose the right length of pants (ideally a little above the ankle). Conversely , with a maxi long skirt , avoid at all costs the high heel shoes that would let your ankles appear; Opt instead for flat sandals that will accentuate the long line effect .

Color side, if you are in pants, to refine the silhouette, avoid the color breaks and coordinate the whole. In the skirt, the choice of heel shoes in the same tones as the complexion of your legs will save you a few centimeters and will make your legs look thinner.


Exit the draped bubbles, the pleats too pronounced and the materials too bright … especially on the parts of your body that you find a little too marked! This extra volume will not be of the most beautiful effect, so go ahead!

Prefer the cutouts as flat as possible on the hips, because contrary to what one might think, the more your body is sculpted, the thinner it will appear.


This may sound crazy, but 80% of women would not know their true size of bra . Result? Breasts badly maintained and a catastrophic result under our clothes. Too small, station to the overflows and small unsightly beads in the neckline and on the sides. Too large, the badly sustained chest will tend to sag and reduce in appearance the length of our bust.

A properly chosen bra will grip the top of your body and will keep your chest tall and proud.


By optical effect, a large bag will make you look thinner, and, on the contrary, a pocket too mini, wider. Be careful, do not switch to the extreme by choosing a bag that, in addition to being totally disproportionate, will appear ridiculous. Choose a nice medium-sized, structured bag.

The little extra?  The bag is the perfect accessory to divert attention from the part of your body that you complex. For example, worn as a shoulder strap, it will hide and break the symmetry of hips a little too wide.


What is the common thread between Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and the Kardashian sisters ? To sublimate their silhouette and look thinner, all have long adopted the sleeveless lingerie . Body version, wet suit or waist high, there is a totally invisible solution to each of our small complexes.


This is the trend of winter so why deprive yourself? Especially as the star accessories of the season (the belt) comes to infinity! On a dress, a sweater and even on our coats darling, she draws us a size of wasp and allows us to adjust our silhouette.

To lengthen the legs? Hop! We opt for a belt placed pile at the waist, or even a little higher under the chest.


The total look black , but not that! If this old-fashioned trick is the best known, the simple fact of using only one and the same color for its outfit makes it possible to unify the silhouette and therefore to look thinner. To you then the camaïeux of white, red and other colors of the season highlight!


Because when you talk fashion, beauty is never very far, here is a last tip: a tanned complexion is often a plus to appear finer. Ultra-harmful UV rays, on the other hand, are preferred soft methods and other make-up tricks for a tanned complexion even last summer.

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5 Tips For Chatting In this Fashionable Era

This is the era of technology in which people use latest ways to do anything. No matter what it is whether they want to do the cooking, office work or communication. People use the most recent technology for it. The internet has made the lives easier. People now communicate with each other even sitting miles away. This the thing has started a trend of chatting. Yes, the chatting which people do in most of their free time. The trend has been developed. People send messages to each other rather than calling. If you are also one of those, then you would be searching for different ways and tips.

If you do chatting frequently, then you might have also faced many issues. Especially, when it is about talking with a new person on a particular platform. Do not worry, in this article you are going read some of the tips which will be helpful in doing chatting. Read them carefully and see how it works:

  1. Always Protect Your Identity

While chatting on a social media platform never use real identity. Some people faced so many issues. So, be careful about it. Do not let them know about your personal information at least at the start of the chat. Give each other enough time. When you start feeling secure, then go for the personal side.

  1.  Do Not Trust

You cannot trust anyone until you meet him/her. Do not let her know anything which must be kept secret. It might lead to any loss as there are many fake IDs. They might misuse your personal information. So, always think and then talk about anything special.

  1. Secure Chat Rooms

This is an important point. You need to keep this thing mind that many platforms at not safe for the chat. They might steal your information for any illegal use. Make it sure that the chat room is secured enough. You can check the reviews. It will give you the idea about its positivity. You can ask your friends about the best place to make new friends through chatting.

  1. Take permission From Parents

Never do anything with the permission of your parents. You must talk to them before choosing any chat room. It will make it sure that you are in the safe hands. Never chat on any chat room which is not right for you. There are some of the chat rooms which are not suitable for the youngster.

  1. Take Advice

You need to take wise advice from your contacts and family as well. It will make it sure that you which is best for your chatting. If it is not possible you can go for the guides available online. Read them and see how it helps you in making chat more fundable in a secure way. It depends upon your searching skills that how efficiently you will do chatting without any negative effect. You can try or any other like it.

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dial 2 donate

Dial 2 Donate Charity Hub Hootsuite

When I started university in the fall, I didn’t quite believe that I’d be this busy. I knew that I’d have more responsibilities, but I didn’t realize how much time I’d have to devote to reading, writing, and extracurricular activities. While I did miss free time to watch Netflix and hang out with friends, I also missed volunteering and contributing to charities like I used to in high school.

It’s not that I’m not still motivated to donate and make an impact, it’s that I simply don’t have the time and struggle to manage it. The good news is that a solution dropped itself into my lap over the Christmas holidays.

Fashion Forward Thinking

While at home, my Aunt mentioned Dial 2 Donate and how she uses it when contacting DPD customer service to check in on her orders. Now, a little bit of context: me and my Aunt have always been in love with fashion – and thus shopping. So when she told me about Dial 2 Donate. Considering how much my Aunt loves to shop, she’s probably contributed a fair share.

The good thing about it was that it got me thinking about how much I loved volunteering and contributing to the causes I loved. Realizing how much I missed this, I decided to try doing it myself. I’ve always been an avid shopper, and ordering online has made it extremely convenient. In turn, I can get back to contributing to causes that I care about.

I can easily fit it into my life!

While I may not be able to do what I’d usually do, this allows me to fit this charity into my regular schedule and keep up with my busy life! By using numbers I’d call anyway, like the DPD contact number to track my deliveries, I can donate to charities without having to take time out of writing papers. This way, I can get to do everything I love – shopping, charity, and my essays – in the time I actually have!

Donations by Delivery

While this isn’t the only number I’ve used, this is the only one I’ve programmed into my phone. Given how much I shop and end up calling to track my order and discuss my parcel, I end up making a positive impact and serious donation to a great cause. Over time, this adds up, allowing me to feel good about my contribution while still doing what I love most.

I haven’t added any other numbers, but by picking numbers that you use regularly and programming them into your phone, you can donate to causes you care about too! The best thing is that you’ll be able to integrate it simply and conveniently into your busy life. If you’re like me and you don’t have the time you used to but you still want to make a contribution, D2D lets you work it into your schedule and lifestyle!

If it worked for me, it can work for you too! Simply check out the D2D directory for numbers that you’d call. Instead of calling the regular number, use these to make a contribution.

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How to Dress For a Smart Casual Event

Looking your best is always important, whether you are at work, at an event or just out picking up groceries. How you dress will have an impact on how others see you and your appearance can go a long way.

Develop Your Own Style

Smart casual normally goes well for any occasion unless the event requires you to dress in formal wear. A good plan is to develop your own style and to dress comfortably rather than merely follow trends. The key to pulling off this look is to keep it casual without looking too informal. This is a flexible style as a variety of combinations can work. Have a few basic pieces in your wardrobe so that you can easily throw an outfit together when you need to.

Mixing Pieces

You can wear chinos rather than jeans and invest in a pair of stylish mens shoes, which can be worn on any occasion. These could include brogues, loafers or moccasins. Try to match your pieces as well. For example, you could match a tan watchstrap with a tan belt and similar coloured shoes. You could complete this look with a casual button down short- sleeved or long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to elbow length. A white collared oxford shirt provides class and can be worn with or without a tie.

T-Shirt and Blazer

For a more polished look, wear a blazer over a t-shirt, so that it still looks relaxed and casual. Try a white or plain coloured t-shirt. A striped t-shirt can look great as well. This look can be matched with jeans. Look for a well-fitting pair; preferably slim fit rather than something baggy. Also make sure the material isn’t faded or distressed and that the blazer and jeans have similar tones.

Suit and Trainers

If you’re feeling daring, you could try pairing trainers with a suit. This style can be difficult to get right, so remember to choose your trainers with care. Plain white trainers matched with a plain coloured suit in navy or grey is a great combination. Try to avoid wearing bold prints and too much colour. This look can be worn as men’s office wear or even for a semi-formal occasion.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes are an important part of your outfit. Your look could seem incomplete if you don’t pay attention to your footwear. Light coloured shoes are usually appropriate for day wear, so opt for a light tan colour in the daytime. For the night you could go for darker shades of brown ranging from mid tan to burgundy and oxblood. Boots such as ones with a rounded toe can go well with dark trousers or jeans. Keep accessories simple and choose functional pieces such as a belt and a smart wristwatch which preferably isn’t digital.

Finally, don’t forget the essentials like polishing your shoes and wearing a well-ironed shirt. This is an easy look to pull off without much effort.

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