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Mineral Makeup Foundation

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Mineral Makeup Foundation

Makeup is a part of any woman’s skincare regimen, so it is important that you select skin healthy products that correct, cover, and protect your skin while transforming your looks. With antioxidants and broad-spectrum UV protection, mineral makeup makes it to the top of any fashionable woman’s “must-have” list. Compared to other makeup solutions, mineral makeup is all the rage. Made from natural minerals like zinc oxide, mica, and titanium dioxide, it is healthier for any skin type.

Among numerous products under this category of makeup, most women turn to mineral foundations for their unmatchable coverage. They come with a long list of other benefits that women are not aware of, so here are five things you did not know about mineral foundations that may push you to change your cosmetic collection soon!

1.     Provides Sun Protection

Constant exposures to UVA rays could lead to its deep penetration into the dermis. Unprotected exposure leads to premature wrinkling and skin aging while UVB rays usually burns the top layer of your skin. In most cases, it plays the key role in the development of skin problems like skin cancer. When you use it in conjunction with daily SPF, mineral foundation helps to defend your skin against the damaging effects of sunrays.

Mineral foundations contain two types of sunscreens, chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen contains ingredients such as octinoxate, and oxybenzone that absorbs sunrays. While physical contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that helps to deflect UVB and UVA rays from the sun.

2.     Provides Superior Coverage

Traditional makeup foundations often contain a fixed amount of talc, which is a bulking agent that leads to a heavier appearance on the skin. Talc makes these makeup foundations less pigmented and this means you may have to add more layers on your skin for better coverage. The results will leave your skin looking heavier and rough. However, mineral foundations have more pigments, and this means they do not contain much talc. They give more coverage in just once application and leave your skin looking younger and fresher.

3.     Won’t Settle Into Wrinkles or Fine Lines

A great quality of mineral foundation is that once you apply it, you can just forget that you have makeup on your skin! Traditional makeup usually settles into wrinkles and fine lines to cause creases. However, mineral foundation is more like a second layer of skin, with a light feel. It blends into your skin and conceals fine lines.

4.     Suitable for All Skin Types

Whether you have dry skin, oily, or combination of both, mineral foundation works on every skin type. The only difference is that your skin type will determine the manner in which you can apply the foundation. In general, it is essential that you apply moisturizers every morning before you apply makeup to keep your skin hydrated. However, mineral makeup foundations work in the best ways to help keep your skin hydrated and oil-free. For dry skin, you can choose matt powders as foundations. You can also use a hydrating mist to keep your mineral foundations hydrated and refresh your skin.

5.     Has a Longer Lasting Effect

Makeup mavens often use mineral makeup on their models because it creates an even, smooth complexion and lasts long. They are high quality products that last through 14 hours without any smudges. For a longer lasting effect, you can wear mineral makeup foundation with primer.

Mineral makeup contains inorganic pigments and fine minerals that exist in nature. They contain no chemical preservatives like dyes, or fragrances found in other makeup cosmetics. People who buy mineral foundations from IQ Natural also buy organic skincare products. Incorporate these into your daily beauty regimen and let your skin be thankful!

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Home Remedy To Cure Fungus And Make Nails Shining

There are many effective natural anti-fungal treatments that can be used as a natural solution for toenail fungus and garlic is one of them.True it may not smell as nice as lemongrass oil or lavender oil say, but it has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it one of the popular options. Garlic can be effectively used to make your nails shine and glossy. Whereas once the medical community may have scoffed at such a method, as nothing more than an old wives tale, now it has been proven and is recognized that there are many benefits to your health and well-being to be obtained from garlic, immune system boosting, lowering cholesterol and treating other fungal infections like yeast infections.

The Power of Garlic

There are over 100 chemicals in garlic that are biologically useful, meaning over 100 chemicals that help the body in some way. It encourages white blood cells to fight infections, as well as other immune cells to fight viral and bacterial infections. It even helps against cancer cells. As an antimicrobial it slows the growth or kills harmful microbes and that is how it acts as a natural solution for toenail fungus or tinea pedis.

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a very common complaint around one in five people are affected, but it is unsightly, sometimes uncomfortable and a pain to treat. Because of where the fungus is the nail acts as a barrier to many treatments and it takes time too, even with something effective like garlic a new healthy toenail takes over 6 months to grow through. At the start of the infection there may be a light colored spot under the nail tip, and perhaps the nail looks duller than usual. As the fungus worsens the nail will change color, crumble, become thick and then eventually the actual shape will distort and there can even be a nasty smell. You can use ZetaClear nail fungus remover to get rid of it fast.

How to use garlic as a natural solution for toenail fungus

There are a few ways to use garlic to treat your toenail fungus problem. How bad your infection is may influence your choice, and if you have a more severe infection you may want to try more than one! Unfortunately the garlic will stain your nails but this goes away it just makes keeping track of the healthy nail growing through a little harder, as the garlic stains it yellow and the infection makes it yellow too! Whichever method or methods you choose make sure you stick with it, repeat the treatment every day for months. (Usually complete success is not seen for at least 6 months, possibly up to a year).

For an infection that has just begun chop some cloves of garlic and put them in the toes of a pair of socks and wear that to bed each night. Or crush some cloves and leave them on the infected area for half an hour each night. Make sure you have washed your feet before either way, and wash them after too. Garlic oil can be purchased from health food stores and can be rubbed on and around the infected nails. Or make your own oil by adding one tablespoon of chopped garlic to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil.Take garlic pills for a systemic approach to the treatment, add chopped raw garlic to salads and so on, or take 5 to 6 teaspoons of garlic extract a day.Liquefy raw garlic and then use a cotton ball to apply to the infection three times a day. If you are still not succesful, you can try ZetaClear nail fungus treatment.

After Treatment Procedure

After you have successfully used garlic as a natural solution for toenail fungus continue the process for another 3 to 4 weeks to make sure it does not come back. When the nail is healthy once more there are things you can do to prevent a recurrence such as trimming nails correctly and keeping them clean and wear socks made from natural fibers like cotton so they let the feet breathe.

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semi permanent makeup

City Chic makes your Beauty Flawless and give you the Natural Healthy Glow

With the latest trends in makeup, it can be justly claimed that there has been a revolution. One of these trends that particularly amused the world was the idea of semi permanent makeup. This idea has eased the lives of many where you no longer have to go through the hassle of putting on makeup every time you go out and even to remove it. The trouble of coming home after a tiring night out and then removing makeup takes a lot of energy. Hence, the idea of semi-permanent makeup has arisen.

The concept of perfect exists now because even when you wake up, your eyebrows will look sleek, and your lips well-defined. The procedure also includes tattooing the bald parts on your head. Semi-permanent make-up can give you either a soft and natural look, or a bold and outgoing one. It depends on the person and the selection that they make.

The treatments of semi-permanent makeup involve lash enhancement, eyebrows, permanent eye liner, lip line, or even a lip color. The treatment can also benefit burn victims, cancer victims going through chemotherapy, or even people who have difficulty applying makeup. Semi-permanent makeup has the power to make you look you and fresh with minimal effort required from your side.

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