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Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Surgeries

Hair density is meant to decrease over time as you age, but losing hair during you’re young can be a little more disturbing. Watching the signs of your falling hair on a daily is undeniably a distressing experience. However, you can get rid of it by looking into a few possible solutions that you have around you.

The first thing to do is to get your case checked by a licensed hair clinic so that you can find the best hair regrowth product in Dubai for yourself. If, according to your consultant, your case cannot be handled with the help of medication, etc., then you should start your search for the hair transplant surgeries.

But before you agree to this particular treatment, make sure to check the disadvantages of the hair transplant surgeries:

Not a Natural Remedy:

The main point is that there is no medical risk that is associated with this surgery, but you should know that infections are possible once you get it done. It is basically accomplished through a surgical procedure, which is why it cannot be termed as a natural remedy to your problem, and since surgeries mainly depend on the individual who is performing it, you are likely going to experience scarring or bleeding.

Damaging to the Existing Hair:

One of the major causes of why people choose to have a surgery done is because they want to escape the dreadful situation of excessive hair loss, thinning, or balding. But when you check with the side effects of hair transplant, you will see that it is harmful for the existing hair on your head. Swelling and itching in the scalp are the common experiences, whereas, the non-surgical hair replacement system works well in this regard. The non-surgical system does not cause any harm to the natural hair, nevertheless, it enhances their condition and density.

Expensive Treatment:

Another drawback of the hair transplant treatment is that it is extremely costly for the common man to afford, which is why most people do not even take it into consideration. The transplant is not only expensive, but it also gives you the risk of not turning out right. On the other hand, if you regard the non-surgical hair loss clinic in Dubai, you will notice that it is cost-effective and lasts longer than the hair transplant. However, before you select the treatment option for yourself, you should also check with the probable hair regrowth treatments in Dubai.

Most of the times, even in the cases of extensive hair loss, the surgeries for the cure are not required. Therefore, it is vital for you to identify your pattern of hair loss before you jump into the treatments section. The surgical system may take up to a period of 6 months or more to be fully recovered, whereas, the non-surgical hair replacement system takes a short while and then you can resume taking care of your new strands as you would care for the natural ones.

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Ultracide Professional Flea Control Review

This is an exceptionally valuable flea fogger. It arranges for instant kill of full-grown fleas. This flea control also inhibits development of new grown-ups from eggs otherwise larvae. It became dry rapidly and able to eradicate flea troubles for around seven months.

The Ultracide expert flea control fogger is advanced particularly for indoor flea management. This is an extremely applicable. This comprises three effective elements–Phenothrin, Permethrin, and Pyripoxyfen. Phenothrin also Permethrin are active chemical in eradicating fully-grown fleas.  Pyripoxyfen is an insect growth regulator (IGR); it exterminates the larvae.

This is how it inhibits re-infestation. Ultracide deals with inside fleas for about seven months. This best flea fogger is as good as other popular sprays considering excellence. Other rivals of Ultracide comprise alike active components also within comparable concentrations.

The chief variance among them is their charge. This excellent flea control product is presented in a ready-to-use 20 ounce spray container.

Instructions of Usage

Use up this best flea control within this concentration of 20 ounce spray for up to 2,625 square feet area. Floor carpet needs to be vacuumed earlier and afterwards treatment. Employ it at the infested places or else possible infected areas; these take account of mats, carpets, furnished furniture, pet bedding and toys as well as pet sleeping places.

Grip the container by arm’s length then spray direct in the direction of the place to be gone into. Get through a sweeping action in order to utilize it then move away from take care of place while grasping the container 36″ far from the treated exterior. This spray is able to treat 80 – 100 sq. ft. area within about 10 seconds.

Cover up fish tanks or fish bowls. Take away birds from the treatment place before started spraying. Taken care of areas, needs to be emptied all through treatment process. Never allow humans (excluding the applicator) or else pets to get in touch with treated exteriors up to the spray getting dried. Under no circumstances treat your pets using this spray.

This product deals fleas as well as ticks through merging three active substances in a single approach


  • This can eradicates flea difficulties for up to seven months
  • It dries rapidly
  • This is extremely steady in UV light


  • Stops flea re-invasion for around seven months
  • Able to treat 2,625 square feet passable area
  • Never causes any objectionable odor otherwise leaves any oily remainder


  • It contains toxic compounds – while this is breathe in or captivated by skin health hazards may result in.

Customer Review:
Users of this product loved it very much and highly recommended this flea fogger.

One customer mentioned that she applied this flea control in order to get her house rid of fleas. She faced a very bad flea infestation. According to her this spray is very effective. It efficiently managed insect invasion.

This spray didn’t leave any bad odor or any chemical residue. She suggested applying this spray below your sofas since this can destroy everything it comes in contact with.

Another user said that this flea control product is very effective. However, you yet require vacuuming at best every other day, clean up bedding entirely, as well as treating all pets. He appreciated this flea management product very much.

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Current Fashion Trends

Tips on Staying Up to Date with Current Fashion Trends

Fashion trends keep changing and they can be time-consuming and difficult to follow. There is a new style or new color that becomes a must-have look each season. Fortunately, there are different methods of staying up to date with the current fashion trends. These methods include:

Read Fashion Magazines Regularly

Fashion and lifestyle magazines provide the perfect opportunity of getting the latest information and news on fashion trends. Magazines help in keeping up-to-date with current seasonal hits ensuring that you are mindful of the trendiest styles.

The fashion section in a lifestyle or fashion magazine will help you in getting an idea about the upcoming and latest fashion options. These magazines also highlight popular fashion brands and stores for making sure that their readers get the best rates in the market.

Go Through the Fashion Websites

There are endless opportunities available on the internet when it comes to enjoying current fashion styles and designs. There are many style experts, designers, and retailers that have their own websites showcasing the latest trends in fashion.

In case you have a preferred fashion brand or label, you get the option of searching for their fashion websites and blogs. These will give you proper information on the current and upcoming fashion lines. You get the option of visiting a complete mix of blogs and websites for getting an idea about the styles that are working in the present season and the ones that will be available in the near future.

Visit Local Department and Retail Stores

One of the greatest options for checking latest fashion is paying a visit to the local department and retail stores for seeing their display. These stores generally highlight upcoming and latest fashions. They advertise clothing lines for summer and spring well before the seasons start arriving. By doing this, the stores make it possible for people to save a huge amount of money on buying seasonal clothes.

Visiting these stores can also help you in getting different varieties of fashion in varied styles and colors. You also get the option of trying certain fashionable garments that you are not used to wearing.

Use the Social Media Platform

The social media is one of the easiest means of getting fresh styles. Just one click and you can surf different fashion websites. You can easily know what is in and what is not by using the different social media platforms.

Wardrobe Re-Organization

Re-organizing your wardrobe will help you in getting rid of the clothes that you do not want any longer. It will help you in possessing the most fashionable clothes that are currently in. re-Organizing the wardrobe will actually help you in determining the clothes that you need to keep and the ones that you need to toss.

Use Accessories

Try spicing up casual clothes with accessories like glittered purse and oversized bangles. The same goes for men as well. Men can make use of different accessories for transforming their simple appearance into an elegant one. However, it is necessary for you to have an idea about the accessories that are currently in fashion and the ones that have lost attention.


Going with the current fashion trends is always good, but this does not mean that you must forget about your very own personal taste and comfort.

Author Bio:  The writer of this blog is an avid developer of fashion content that grasps the attention of the readers.


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look thinner

10 Tips That One Should All Know to Look Thinner

If you did not know it yet, looking slimmer sometimes only holds a simple optical illusion ! So here are 10 fashion tips (and beauty) for a good winter in its sneakers.


For example, a short top combined with a pair of high waited pants and a pair of heels will lengthen your figure and make you lose a few pounds visually; Idem for the choice of your skirt . For a refined effect, it is preferred either maxi (it must brush the ground without walking on it), or just below the knee (it should in no case cut the calf)


A time regarded as antiquated (Thanks Jacques.C!), The marked size is today a shock to harmonize and boost the silhouette.

Besides extending the lower body , well chosen, it makes us terribly sexy by holding our waist and highlighting our hips. Version skirt or pants, you will be spoiled for choice!


For shape, for shoes  (whatever the height of heel) prefer the shoe as low-cut as possible. The more skin you show on your kick, the longer your legs will look; Of course this is only worth if you choose the right length of pants (ideally a little above the ankle). Conversely , with a maxi long skirt , avoid at all costs the high heel shoes that would let your ankles appear; Opt instead for flat sandals that will accentuate the long line effect .

Color side, if you are in pants, to refine the silhouette, avoid the color breaks and coordinate the whole. In the skirt, the choice of heel shoes in the same tones as the complexion of your legs will save you a few centimeters and will make your legs look thinner.


Exit the draped bubbles, the pleats too pronounced and the materials too bright … especially on the parts of your body that you find a little too marked! This extra volume will not be of the most beautiful effect, so go ahead!

Prefer the cutouts as flat as possible on the hips, because contrary to what one might think, the more your body is sculpted, the thinner it will appear.


This may sound crazy, but 80% of women would not know their true size of bra . Result? Breasts badly maintained and a catastrophic result under our clothes. Too small, station to the overflows and small unsightly beads in the neckline and on the sides. Too large, the badly sustained chest will tend to sag and reduce in appearance the length of our bust.

A properly chosen bra will grip the top of your body and will keep your chest tall and proud.


By optical effect, a large bag will make you look thinner, and, on the contrary, a pocket too mini, wider. Be careful, do not switch to the extreme by choosing a bag that, in addition to being totally disproportionate, will appear ridiculous. Choose a nice medium-sized, structured bag.

The little extra?  The bag is the perfect accessory to divert attention from the part of your body that you complex. For example, worn as a shoulder strap, it will hide and break the symmetry of hips a little too wide.


What is the common thread between Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and the Kardashian sisters ? To sublimate their silhouette and look thinner, all have long adopted the sleeveless lingerie . Body version, wet suit or waist high, there is a totally invisible solution to each of our small complexes.


This is the trend of winter so why deprive yourself? Especially as the star accessories of the season (the belt) comes to infinity! On a dress, a sweater and even on our coats darling, she draws us a size of wasp and allows us to adjust our silhouette.

To lengthen the legs? Hop! We opt for a belt placed pile at the waist, or even a little higher under the chest.


The total look black , but not that! If this old-fashioned trick is the best known, the simple fact of using only one and the same color for its outfit makes it possible to unify the silhouette and therefore to look thinner. To you then the camaïeux of white, red and other colors of the season highlight!


Because when you talk fashion, beauty is never very far, here is a last tip: a tanned complexion is often a plus to appear finer. Ultra-harmful UV rays, on the other hand, are preferred soft methods and other make-up tricks for a tanned complexion even last summer.

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Android Hommes

Android Hommes Propulsion Range

Founded in 2008 by Javier Laval, Android Homme has continued to define themselves as a men’s footwear brand that is dedicated to offers the very best of the best when it comes to design, details, construction and quality – creating footwear for “modern men, with no limitations”. These high credentials certainly do not change with the debut of their new style range, the Android Homme Propulsion. These exciting trainers mingle effortlessly with the contemporary and fresh aesthetic of the rest of Android Hommes design spectrum.

Launching exclusively in black and grey, both colour offerings differentiate themselves with strikingly distinctive textiles and textures. Nevertheless, both trainers respectively unite, with both pairs standing out with subtle shine, when rays of sunlight or club light hit your shoe in the day and night.

The Android Homme Propulsion 316 Caviar Trainer in Black are certainly a universal design that would be perfect for strolling around an urban city landscape in the day paired with black jeans or chinos, or the ideal footwear companion for a night out, blending comfort with modern style. These shoes feature classy caviar effect side panels, with a low top, lace front and a gloss effect sole that really make these trainers pop.  The subtle branded detailing is present with Android Homme brand tongue patches and upper branded eyelets.

The Android Homme Propulsion Velvet Trainers in Grey alternatively feature a luxurious smooth velvet fabric panel detailing, which adds class to any man’s wardrobe, with Italian nubuck uppers and shiny rubber margom soles, with laser engraved midsoles. These

Propulsion trainers additionally differ from the black style with a mid-top profile, however, they also have lace up fronts, with gold eyelet detailing and an Android Homme logo on the tongue.

This brand Propulsion new style is another impeccable range in Android Homme’s already impressive collection. What really makes Android Hommes a special men’s footwear brand is their superior skill and experience, which is evident from 8 years of perfectly constructing Men’s footwear at the highest level, with intrepid colour combinations and luxurious choices of material.

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5 Tips For Chatting In this Fashionable Era

This is the era of technology in which people use latest ways to do anything. No matter what it is whether they want to do the cooking, office work or communication. People use the most recent technology for it. The internet has made the lives easier. People now communicate with each other even sitting miles away. This the thing has started a trend of chatting. Yes, the chatting which people do in most of their free time. The trend has been developed. People send messages to each other rather than calling. If you are also one of those, then you would be searching for different ways and tips.

If you do chatting frequently, then you might have also faced many issues. Especially, when it is about talking with a new person on a particular platform. Do not worry, in this article you are going read some of the tips which will be helpful in doing chatting. Read them carefully and see how it works:

  1. Always Protect Your Identity

While chatting on a social media platform never use real identity. Some people faced so many issues. So, be careful about it. Do not let them know about your personal information at least at the start of the chat. Give each other enough time. When you start feeling secure, then go for the personal side.

  1.  Do Not Trust

You cannot trust anyone until you meet him/her. Do not let her know anything which must be kept secret. It might lead to any loss as there are many fake IDs. They might misuse your personal information. So, always think and then talk about anything special.

  1. Secure Chat Rooms

This is an important point. You need to keep this thing mind that many platforms at not safe for the chat. They might steal your information for any illegal use. Make it sure that the chat room is secured enough. You can check the reviews. It will give you the idea about its positivity. You can ask your friends about the best place to make new friends through chatting.

  1. Take permission From Parents

Never do anything with the permission of your parents. You must talk to them before choosing any chat room. It will make it sure that you are in the safe hands. Never chat on any chat room which is not right for you. There are some of the chat rooms which are not suitable for the youngster.

  1. Take Advice

You need to take wise advice from your contacts and family as well. It will make it sure that you which is best for your chatting. If it is not possible you can go for the guides available online. Read them and see how it helps you in making chat more fundable in a secure way. It depends upon your searching skills that how efficiently you will do chatting without any negative effect. You can try or any other like it.

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FIFTY/FIFTY, 40 Ounce Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

The Fifty/Fifty Vacuum-Insulated Bottle 40 ounce water bottles come in perfect size meant for all-day hydration. This water bottle’s capability is also perfect in order to carry usual fluids while you have no entrance to simple fill-ups! This bottle is perfect for preserving hot or else cold drinks along with you he entire day. Its double-wall vacuum lining is precisely intended in order to preserve the temperature of the liquids for all day. Double-Wall expertise similarly inhibits compression. It retains the external partition of the container at a very relaxed heat, in any case if this is holding a warm or else icy drink.

These insulated water bottles are put together from high class, 18/8 food grade stainless steel. These water bottles are different from aluminum bottles. They do not necessitate any sort of inside layer. The stainless steel is unable to keep hold of aroma or else flavor. Fifty/Fifty Vacuum Insulated 40 oz. water bottles are 100 % eco-friendly. Every single constituent of these water bottles, together with the cap, are 100 % BPA free.

These Fifty Fifty Vacuum Insulated 40 ounce water bottles obtainable within a wide range of amusing color choices. These bottles are put together using lightweight 18/8 food grade stainless steel materials which is recyclable. This bottle is leakage proof as well as cannot keep hold of any kind of flavor as well as aroma. Its dual-wall expertise is capable to inhibit compression of the external wall of it, as a result you do not require a coaster.


  • The Fifty/Fifty Vacuum-Insulated Bottle 40 ounce water bottles is obtainable within a wide range of amusing color choices,
  • These water bottles are constructed from light in weight 18/8 food grade stainless steel materials
  • This water bottle is 100% recyclable,
  • This comes with non-leaching technology and might not hold on to any kind of taste or else aroma.
  • Its dual-wall know-how put a stop to condensation of the exterior of the water bottle in order to hold up your hands nice as well as dry
  • This bottle is built with high class vacuum lining that preserves the temperature of beverages for a lengthy period of time


  • This bottle comes in  Dual-Wall Vacuum Insulation structure
  • Built with 18/ 8 food-grade Stainless Steel
  • Amiable in a range of sizes as well as colors
  • This is Flawless for Hot as well as Cold Drinks
  • This is made with BPA-Free resources
  • This water bottle is Reusable


  • According to some consumer its band around the lid is slightly loose and causes difficulty to open and close.

Product Information

  • Sizes: 3.5 by 11 by 3.5 inches
  • Heaviness: 1.3 lbs.

Purchaser Review: This insulated water bottle is scored 4.5 out of 5.

Consumer Reviews:

One consumer of this product has mentioned that they actually loved it. This bottle is able to maintain the heat of water for a very long time. However the band across the turn out to be loose sometimes and you need to eliminate this completely in order to undo plus close this appropriately. The insulated water bottle from Fifty/Fifty is magnificent, except the fact that its lid is awful and might employ a reshape in order to complement the excellence of the artifact on the whole.

According to some consumer this is a so pleasant looking plus hard-wearing water bottle. This bottle is sound insulated as well as capable to maintain temperature well. However some facts need to be corrected, they are:
1. Its cap is very bad. This is very unwieldy to undo as well as close. That is acceptable in case you are mountaineering otherwise you just intake one time each 30 minutes and that is a trouble in case you are exercising and drink frequently. It seems that the fresher versions have tackled this matter.
2. The innermost part of this bottle is not adequately stainless. These corrosions pretty fast in case you never make all of the wetness out for the count.

A customer said that he wanted a bigger insulated water bottle as he do bike race. He brought this fifty/fity 40oz vacuum insulated water bottle and it worked fine for him. It is all that he ever required. This one functions incredible and able to keep drinks wonderfully cold particularly when you add some ice cubes into it. This is very helpful in hot summer days. This water bottle maintains the temperature of drinks for a very long time.

Some of the users of this water bottle liked this bottle for the reason that it is capable to preserve water icy for a sufficient extent of time. However they also mentioned that the rubber band near the lid is somewhat unattached and this is a problem to undo as well as close the bottle. Despite of this minor facts this is an amazing insulated water bottle for day to day application.


This 40oz Fifty /Fifty vacuum-insulated bottle is able to preserve the temperature of liquids for a very long time. It can maintain hot drinks hot or else cold drinks cold for an entire day. This bigger capacity is intended for a whole day hydration during which you step from job towards the gymnasium. This water bottle comes in the perfect size in order to carry more fluids at what time you are deprived of the entrance to trouble-free fill-ups. Through this bottle you can hydrate yourself throughout:

  • Your eventful everyday program
  • Lengthy car journeys
  • Open-air shows or else cinemas
  • Boating trips
  • All night camp out

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How to Choose the Right Type of Products for Your Hair?

Hair care is something that no one can risk by using the wrong methods or products to take care of them. Everyone needs a bit of time and patience when it comes to the selection of the items that need to be applied onto the hair.

There are countless companies and brands in the market that have launched their own line of products. However, the most trustworthy brands are the ones which claim that they use certain ingredients in their products that are recommended and suggested by the hair experts.

Depending on the type of hair that you have, it is vital for you to thoroughly scan the market before coming to a decision, especially if you have color treated hair. There is a solution for every hair type, regardless of the fact whether if you have thin hair or thick, short or long. The first thing to keep in mind is the damage that is done to the hair to cater to it accordingly.

hair loss dubai

The thickening shampoos are also present, such as the Biosilk Thickening Shampoo which should be penetrated into the hair strands delicately to work its way making the hair thicker. You will be amazed at the volume your hair will get once you use it regularly in a decided pattern. If, however, you desire to have hair like the ones that we see in the TV commercials, then you should opt for the silk therapy products.

Grab the Framesi Morphosis Re-Structure Conditioner to revitalize your hair, despite of the type of hair that you have. There are similar brands that offer products manufactured with ingredients that can nourish even the driest hair type. The appropriate product has to be chosen on the basis of the brand, type of product, your hair type, and the specific factor of hair that you want to target. Every proficient hair product brand has a specific line to cater to a diverse number of hair problems, for instance, hair fall, color maintenance, split ends, and much more.

Stay away from the products that claim to be manufactured using ammonia, sulfur, and any similar harmful ingredients. You have to be the judge to stay away from the companies that create useless hype and the products turn out to be what you least expected. Plus, another thing to keep in mind is to stay away from recommendations of friends or family, because what worked for someone else might not work as magically for you.

Another major factor that might be ruining your hair is the way you apply the hair products. You can purchase the most expensive and efficient brand in town but if you don’t use it well, then there is no use in spending a huge amount over it. You should know the basics of hair care before you purchase or use any product. Rather than experimenting on your hair. The Loreal Professional Mythic Oil Conditioner production of the hair should not be disturbed when you begin with any treatment.

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Exclusive chic collection for ethnic lovers

Fashion and lower prices is a rare combination which you will find on internet. The increasing scope of online stores has given the chance to the new and upcoming fashion online stores to pave their way in the market with the latest trends and slashed prices. When online markets have taken a good stand in the market it is best to keep up the pace with online marketing with right discounts and offers.

Among various another stores online Voonik is another addition the series of existing one but it definitely is unique in itself. Voonik is an online store which is dedicated to the needs of Indian women. It has everything an ethnic lover is looking for. Marveling sarees to vibrant kutrtis and the lowers to match. Vooniks happens to save it up all for the beautiful ladies. Here, are few stolen offers of voonik for you ladies and just for you:

The 6 feet of elegance, amazing collection of sarees

Saree has been favorite to Indian woman, be it traditional saree or latest design saree women in India are die – hard fan of saree.  Sarees with the latest designs and to the conventional ethnic sarees all are available at voonik. Voonik saree below 1000 , will give you the luxurious feel. The sarees are commendable outfit, match the elegant sarees with the blouses and be the party star. Nothing less with such an amazing prices and the well- settled deal on Voonik, you can easily be the.

The shopping carnival for kurtis

If you are looking for the classic ethnic and chic kurti collection, nothing can impress you more than the classical kurtis. The voonik kurtis at 299 are the classic collection you were longing for. So, brush up your shopping skills because with the collection of Voonik store kurti you definitely are going to

The never ending discounts and offers at Voonik

So, if you are looking for the new additions to your wardrobe it is simple that you add the voonik to your shopping store. As, it is already said that voonik has the classic collection of kurtis and sarees and in fact anything a woman need to satisfy her ethnic soul, voonik helps to search her the best thing she has been looking for from long. Also, the discounts and offers at voonik make it more desirable to shop with no tensions and worries.

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jewellery for pregnant women 1

Buy safe jewellery for your child

Parents are very careful these days with their children and this is a very good syndrome. They take care of every small things of their child and try to keep them safe from all the things that can harm them. There are many things that can lead to health hazards to a child. Just as one takes care of their child’s eating habits, wearing habits, their toys and every other thing; they should also take care of their accessories and jewelleries as well.

Buy safe jewellery for your child

Yes, these days’ fashion has become a very important thing as well but when it comes to a child it has to be safe foremost. There is some best gempetit jewellery for pregnant women but for children what can be safe and what not? There are many products which are clearly not safe for them and can lead to some health hazards in near future.

There have been many reports if recalling varieties of jewelleries because they were made from toxic materials and it could have done harm if a child wore it. Some contained a very high amount of lead and other contained cadmium which are clearly not a very good thing to use in a children jewellery label. Now, the question is how to avoid these dangers?

There are few things that the parents need to follow:

  • Do not buy these jewelries which have a clasp or a magnet in it. Though magnet jewellery can be very easy to wear and open but if the magnet breaks it can be very harmful for the child.
  • Recently, there has been a lot of blinking jewelleries in fashion. They are very much in when a child is attending a party or an occasion. But these things have tiny batteries induced in them. They can be dangerous at any point of time, and you will not even realise when it can be very harmful for them. So, it is a good idea to not to take the risk at all.
  • Do not use old jewellery on your child. They may have a lot of sentiments as it has come down from earlier generations, but it is clearly not a good idea to do that. They are old and may contain something harmful for the sensitive skin.
  • If you are going to buy costume jewellery for your child, then please look at the age recommendations written on the pack before buying them. All the costume jewelleries are not safe for all the age groups. So be careful before buying them.
  • If your child is very young (read almost a toddler) then it is not a great idea to go for other materials in jewellery apart from silver and gold. Other materials can lead to allergic reactions to their body as their skin is very sensitive.
  • When you are buying a pair of earrings for your kid, then always go for those which have screw backs. This will save your child from any kind of choking hazards. Do not go for cheap jewellery for your child as they are not made from proper safe materials. It is always the quality that matters.

One can buy Gempetit jewellery gifts for new moms as they are safe for the child and also have some lovely varieties as well.

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